Wight Gold, by GD Jackman

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Introducing a cosy crime series with Det. Sgt Archibald Felton Etherington-Smythe.

‘Just Archie, please.’

Taken from his cosy, read lazy, existence and sent ‘Abroad’ to cover for a sick colleague in the Isle of Wight. Unfortunately, this also comes with a promotion and, worse still, responsibility!

He did at one point take his Inspector exams but, due to his reluctance to move again, partly due to the superb culinary skills and domestic assistance of his neighbour and surrogate mum Mrs Beamish, he has now settled for catching the odd sheep rustler and occasional bit of vehicle theft. Also, having just obtained a puppy, being sent to The Island as Acting DI is not what he had in mind, however he is comforted by the thought that, ‘they don’t actually have any crime out there anyway!

But everything is ok just so long as he is kept supplied in biscuits, oh, and cake!

‘Gingernuts, is someone taking the p…’

Hidden secrets, blackmail, lifelong friendships are tested. It all requires some unravelling, his team need some morale boosting, and they need to catch a killer, or two! Not bad for someone who didn’t want responsibility!

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