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Parents Of Toddler Twins Distribute Goodie Bags To Passengers On Flight To Placate About Noise

A couple with toddler twins ensured passengers on their flight wouldn’t be too disturbed thanks to their clever parenting hack. A passenger on the flight from Newark to Orlando said when boarding the flight, she noticed people consistently passing up two rows of seats half-way down the plane. “As I got closer, I found one row…

Lulla Doll: The Toy That Helps Babies Sleep, Which Parents Are Desperate To Buy

A doll designed by an Icelandic mum to help kids fall asleep has seen sales sky-rocket. The super-soft ‘Lulla doll’ stimulates the sounds of a mothers breathing and heartbeat, which is reported to help children sleep for longer.  The first 5,000 dolls, created by Eyrún Eggertsdóttir who studied psychology, sold out immediately. On Tuesday 26 July it…