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Mum Posts Inspiring Post-Baby Body Instagram Selfie Encouraging Others To ‘Embrace Imperfection’

A mum who had three children in four years has posted body positive selfies of her stomach to encourage other mothers to “embrace their imperfections”. Marissa Fearon, 27, from Canada, shared a transformation photo, showing how her body has changed but her stomach has stayed the same. And that’s okay. “33 weeks separate these photos, eight…


Meet Courtney Adamo, The Mum Blogger Who Took Her Four Children On A Year-Long Gap Year

Parenting blogger Courtney Adamo broke the mould when she and her husband decided to take their four children on a gap year around the world. Pulling them out of school and throwing them into different cultures and climates, their new experiences have helped them thrive as individuals and as a family in ways that none…


Jacob’s Food Diaries Is A Treasure Trove Of Vegetable-Filled Healthy Meal Ideas That Kids Will Love

A mum is providing parents around the world with an endless supply of inspiration for ways to make vegetables more appealing to kids. Laleh Mohmedi, from Australia, crafts edible cartoon characters and animals out of healthy ingredients for her son Jacob and she shares photos of her creations on Instagram. Mohmedi revealed in a blog for Jamie Oliver.com that…


Mum Finds Solution To Co-Parenting Struggle Thanks To Daughter’s Family Painting

A mum has penned a powerful Facebook post about how she was inspired to make co-parenting work after finding a painting by her daughter.  Rosie Dutton, from Tamworth, Staffordshire, was encouraged to share her thoughts after the official papers for her divorce had come through the post. When she and her partner first separated, Dutton said…


Dad Dressed Up As Mermaid To Match His Daughter At Disneyland (And It’s Adorable)

A dad and daughter duo who wore matching outfits at Disneyland are melting hearts online. The adorable pair, dubbed ‘Mermaid and her Mer-Dad’, were spotted strolling along hand-in-hand complete with their sequinned tails at the theme park. And Mer-Dad wasted no time in ensuring he had all the accessories, sporting gold-sequinned hand cuffs and a…


Parents To Receive Peer-To-Peer Guidance On How To Look After Children’s Mental Health

Parents of teenagers will work with other families to pass on advice about how to look after their children’s mental health, for a new project being launched by a school.  Highgate School, in London, has call on parents of sixth-form students to pass on guidance about sex, relationships, social media and even sleep. The scheme was…


Davina McCall On How Workplaces Are Letting Down Parents And Her Plan To Campaign For Crèches

Davina McCall believes there is one major issue standing between many mothers and their dream careers: a lack of workplace childcare. “At some point in my life I will start campaigning for crèches in the workplace,” she told The Huffington Post UK. “I literally cannot work if I don’t think my kids are happy and I…


Mum Creates ‘Elf For Christmas’ Advent Tradition To Help Promote Good Behaviour During December

Parents will know only too well how excited children get over present-giving elves during the month of December. One mum was determined to make sure the tradition instilled care and kindness in her kids. Sarah Greenwell, 34, from Durham, who is mum to Holly, three, and Finley, two, came up with ‘Elf For Christmas’ while…