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Why Your Firm Needs a Good E-mail Security Policy

The recent cyber-attack of the Democratic National Committee reminded the country of how detrimental a hack can be.  As technology becomes more and more prominent in our lives and businesses, cyber-security should be held to a higher priority – especially for law firms. Hackers specifically target large-scale law firms because they hold important legal, financial,…

Paperless Trials, Legal Collaboration and the Benefits of the Cloud

What do paperless trials and case collaboration have in common? Both are now realities, both can achieve dramatic productivity and cost efficiencies for legal professionals and their clients, and both rely on the ease of use, flexibility and scalability of cloud technology – pre-trial and in the courtroom. Legal teams are using cloud technology to…

Reviewing Catalyst for Your eDiscovery Litigation Needs

The bad news: eDiscovery isn’t going away. The even worse news: eDiscovery projects will keep getting bigger because we live in a world of “big data” and digital packrats. The solution: find a tool that can easily handle the ever-increasing data compilations collected in litigation matters and analyze everything quickly and efficiently. The document review tools…