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Mobile Voice Technology Essential For Productivity

Everyone wants the latest and greatest technology in both their professional and personal lives. The legal profession, however, has been notoriously slow to adopt new technology. For example, many attorneys rely on dictation for document creation, but many still use analog tape recorders or stationary dictation machines. While these dated technologies may still be effective…

Three Benefits of Project Management Software

Sticky-notes, Excel sheets and email threads a mile long are not the ideal basis for organized productivity but rather for time consuming chaos. A solution? Introduce a project management software. Sounds straightforward, though, often project management advocates have a hard time convincing upper management as well as co-workers of the benefits of introducing Project Management…

Partner with Citrix for a More Efficient and Ethically Minded Practice

Today’s legal professionals face a challenging landscape that affects how they conduct business inside and outside the courtroom. They need to collaborate quickly with other counsel, paralegals, experts and others on nonpublic client information while avoiding breach scenarios in violation of HIPAA, HITECH, CFPB and other proliferating industry regulations. Fortunately, there are technology solutions to…