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Choosing The Right Dictation Device

Lawyers’ professional use of mobile devices has been consistently strong since at least 2011.[1] Ninety percent of lawyers use a smartphone for law-related tasks, with email ranking as the most popular activity. With near ubiquity of smartphones in our culture, that finding is not surprising. What is surprising, however, is that these lawyers may also…


Recently, I wrote here at Law Technology Today about my office ergonomics set-up.  For this post, I wanted to follow up with gear that I use when not in my office.  Like many lawyers, I spend a fair amount of my time on the go.  Whether you work on trains, in planes, waiting at court,…

PC to Mac and Back

Since starting my consulting practice twelve years ago, I’ve made it a practice to purchase a new laptop computer every two years. I’ve been lucky to never have a PC fail (except for a 2-month old Sony Vaio) but I’ve never wanted to take the risk. I live in Microsoft Office and could not run…