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Toddler With Large Facial Birthmark Perfectly Prepared For Kids’ Reactions On First Day Of Nursery

A two-year-old who has a facial birthmark had the best response when a group of kids started whispering when they saw her at pre-school. On Lydia’s first day at pre-school she had “fresh bruising” on her face due to treatment to keep the birthmark healthy. Lydia noticed some of her new classmates staring and whispering about…


Almost All Schoolchildren’s Lunch Boxes Are ‘Unhealthy’, Report Reveals

Almost all (98%) schoolchildren’s lunch boxes are ‘unhealthy’ according to a new report. The study by Leeds University suggests school dinners may be the healthier option – as just 1.6% of children receive a lunch box which meets the Government’s health-based standards set for food served in schools. These standards state that meals should include low fat…


Junk Food Advertising Targeting Children Should Be Banned On Apps And At Cinemas, Urges Charity

Children should not be able to see junk food adverts in apps, on social media or even in the cinema, a national kids’ food charity has urged. The Children’s Food Trust’s comments came after the publication of a World Health Organisation (WHO) report that addressed concerns around advertising in apps, on social media and vlogs. The WHO report…


Term-Time Holidays: Derbyshire County Council Introduces Interim Arrangements To Avoid Fines

A council in England has has temporarily abolished automatic fines for parents taking their kids on holiday during term time. Derbyshire County Council has changed its rules while awaiting for the Supreme Court’s ruling on the fines given to parents. Pupils in the area will be allowed to go on a term-time holiday as long as…