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Dad Dressed Up As Mermaid To Match His Daughter At Disneyland (And It’s Adorable)

A dad and daughter duo who wore matching outfits at Disneyland are melting hearts online. The adorable pair, dubbed ‘Mermaid and her Mer-Dad’, were spotted strolling along hand-in-hand complete with their sequinned tails at the theme park. And Mer-Dad wasted no time in ensuring he had all the accessories, sporting gold-sequinned hand cuffs and a…


Parents Urged To Protect Children Against Flu This Winter In ‘Largest Ever’ Flu Vaccination Drive

Parents are being urged to vaccinate their children against flu this winter in the “largest ever” flu vaccine drive.  Public Health England (PHE) states more than four million children are being offered the vaccine this year, which is 600,000 more than last year. The vaccine, a free nasal spray, is offered to two- to four-year-olds,…


Reebok Apologises Following Parents’ Criticism Of ‘Shocking’ Slogans On Children’s Leggings

Reebok has apologised after facing criticism about a style of their children’s leggings that featured ‘shocking’ slogans. The sportswear brand came under fire after dad Andy Deal posted photos of a pair of the leggings he’d bought for his nine-year-old daughter. “These were bought from Reebok,” Deal wrote on Facebook. “’Not for your entertainment’ written in the…


Parents Warned About Risk Of ‘Alternative Therapies’ For Children After Four-Year-Old Is Hospitalised

Doctors have warned of the dangers of “alternative” therapies for children. The warning, published in the journal BMJ Case Reports, comes after a four-year-old boy with autism was admitted to A&E after taking holistic supplements. The boy had a range of symptoms, including vomiting, constipation, weight loss and loss of appetite. Doctors revealed he had…


Toddler With Rare Lung Cancer Makes ‘Miracle’ Recovery Just Before Life Support Was Switched Off

A three-year-old boy who was close to having his life support machine switched off, made a “miracle” recovery as his family prepared to say their goodbyes. Dylan Askin, from South Derbyshire, was diagnosed with a rare type of lung cancer called Pulmonary Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis in December 2015.  By Easter 2016, his condition had deteriorated…