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Mums May Be ‘Forced’ To Name Child’s Biological Father In Paternity Cases With Proposed German Law

A proposed German law could require mums in paternity cases to name their child’s biological father. It means women who have been unfaithful during their relationship will be “forced” to reveal who they have slept with. The plan has already been dubbed the “Cuckoo Kids’ Law” by German newspapers, according to Telegraph. Heiko Maas, the…


Secondary School Applications 2017: Parents Reminded About Looming Deadline

Parents of Year 6 children only have a short time left to get their paperwork sorted before the secondary school application deadline. The Government website states: “You must apply for a secondary school place by 31 October. Councils will send confirmations for secondary schools on 1 March.” It is important to check your local council’s website for more…


Hartsdown Academy School Uniform: Police Called To School After 50 Kids Sent Home

Police were called to a school during the first week of term after 50 children were reportedly sent home over uniform issues. Parents protested outside Hartsdown Academy, in Margate, on Tuesday 6 September 2016 when kids were turned away for not adhering to the uniform policy.  Reported issues with the uniform included frills on socks, Velcro…