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More Than A Quarter Of A Million Girls In Britain Are Unhappy, Report Reveals

More than a quarter of a million girls in Britain are unhappy with their lives, according to the latest Good Childhood Report. The Children’s Society’s annual review of young people’s wellbeing found an estimated 283,000 girls aged 10-15 are not happy with their lives “overall”. The picture is even starker when it comes to personal appearance,…


CBeebies Sparks Debate Among Parents After Character Bing Kills Butterfly

Parents have debated whether it was right for CBeebies to show a character killing a butterfly during the show ‘Bing’. The kids’ channel warned parents about the scene via Facebook on the morning of Thursday 8 September. “*WARNING** Bing catches a butterfly at 9:10 and 13:10 today,” the Facebook status read. “He grasps a little too tight,…


Children Should Be Shown Pornography And Sex Education Should Be Abolished, Says Dame Jenni Murray

Dame Jenni Murray has called for changes to the education system, including “abolishing” sex education and introducing “gender lessons”. The Radio 4 presenter, 66, said school children should watch pornography and “analyse it” – just like they would do with a book in an English lesson.  “I would abolish sex education,” she said during the Cheltenham…


Genetic Test Could Save Lives As It Allows Faster Meningitis Diagnosis

A new genetic test could help doctors rapidly diagnose meningitis and other killer bacterial infections and help save lives. Currently when a child arrives at a hospital medics have no fast way of identifying whether they are suffering from meningitis or a less serious viral condition with similar symptoms.  Gary Ombler via Getty Images Professor…


Baby Received An Enormous Teddy Bear From Her Grandpa And She’s Completely In Love

A baby pictured with an enormous teddy bear is making waves on the internet.  Sabrina Gonzalez’s father sent her a photo posing against giant teddy bears and joked his five-month-old granddaughter Madeline needed one.  “Next thing I know, I receive a text from him saying he got her one,” Gonzalez,from California, US, told BuzzFeed News….


Four-Year-Old Devastated She Cheered On Wrong American Football Team, Completely Broke Down In Tears

A four-year-old American football fan was distraught when she realised she starting cheering for the wrong team by accident. Kendall, from Louisville, US, is a die-hard Louisville Cardinals fan, just like her dad Scotty Kohler.  But during a game between the Cardinals and their rivals, Kentucky, it all got a bit too much and Kendall ended…