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‘First Moments’ Photo Series Captures The Intensity of The Parent-Baby Bond

A birth photographer has captured the precious moment when a mother first meets her newborn baby, in a breathtaking photo series. Marry Fermont, from Fermont Fotografie, said a birth session is never complete without a picture of the first parent-baby bond. “You can never predict what will happen in this moment,” Fermont told HuffPost UK…

Awkward Family Photos: 12 Embarrassing Mum Photos That Prove Why They’re So Brilliant

Mums might strive to be the perfect parent as their children grow up, but sometimes it’s the imperfections that make them so brilliant. In celebration of parenting skills, we’ve found the perfect images that capture the reality of motherhood (thanks to Awkward Family Photos). Because nothing is ever perfect, is it? 1. “Yes, that’s my…