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Why It’s Not True To Say Just 1% Of Dads Have Taken Up Shared Parental Leave

On the first anniversary of the launch of Shared Parental Leave (SPL), it has been widely reported that just 1% of dads have chosen to take it up. However this figure, taken from research compiled by My Family Care, which helps businesses introduce family friendly ways of working, and the Women’s Business Council, has been misreported. There were…


Crazy S**t People Say To Dads Highlights Outdated Stereotypes: ‘You On Mummy Duty Today?’

Four dads have spoken out about the shit people say to them on a day-to-day basis when they’re looking after their kids. Highlighting how outdated and insulting stereotypes can be, the dads want to prove that it’s normal for them to take on parenting responsibilities… just like any mum.  Make It Work ‘Her hair is…


David Beckham Praises Youngest Son Cruz For ‘Pitch Perfect’ Vocal Performance

David Beckham gushed over his youngest son’s vocal talents after posting a video of the 11-year-old online. The proud dad shared a clip of Cruz singing the infamous ‘Cups’ song from the hit film ‘Pitch Perfect’. Together with a spot-on routine, Cruz seamlessly showed off his vocal skills with slight encouragement from his mum and…


‘First Moments’ Photo Series Captures The Intensity of The Parent-Baby Bond

A birth photographer has captured the precious moment when a mother first meets her newborn baby, in a breathtaking photo series. Marry Fermont, from Fermont Fotografie, said a birth session is never complete without a picture of the first parent-baby bond. “You can never predict what will happen in this moment,” Fermont told HuffPost UK…


Awkward Family Photos: 12 Embarrassing Mum Photos That Prove Why They’re So Brilliant

Mums might strive to be the perfect parent as their children grow up, but sometimes it’s the imperfections that make them so brilliant. In celebration of parenting skills, we’ve found the perfect images that capture the reality of motherhood (thanks to Awkward Family Photos). Because nothing is ever perfect, is it? 1. “Yes, that’s my…