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Child ‘Lost’ In Shopping Centre For Eight Hours Ignored By Thousands Of People

A ‘lost’ child, stood alone for eight hours in the middle of the bustling Queen Street Mall in Brisbane, Australia, was offered help by just 21 people out of thousands of passers-by. Two child actors, Samuel and Ava, took turns standing alone for 20 minute periods as shoppers milled around them, as part of a social experiment…


Background Noise Makes It Harder For Toddlers To Learn Language: Here’s How Parents Can Help

Children find it harder to learn new words if they are surrounded by background noise, a study has found. “Modern homes are filled with noisy distractions such as TV, radio, and people talking that could affect how children learn words at early ages,” said Brianna McMillan, doctoral student in psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who…


The Heartwarming Reason This Man ‘Tattoos’ Kids

An artist is using his skills to cheer up children in hospital, by giving them customised “tattoo sleeves”. Benjamin Lloyd, 25, from New Zealand, shared pictures on Facebook showing him giving his friend’s son a customised ‘tattoo sleeve’, featuring skulls and roses. “Nothing brings me more joy than boosting a kid’s confidence with a custom tattoo,”…


Meet Courtney Adamo, The Mum Blogger Who Took Her Four Children On A Year-Long Gap Year

Parenting blogger Courtney Adamo broke the mould when she and her husband decided to take their four children on a gap year around the world. Pulling them out of school and throwing them into different cultures and climates, their new experiences have helped them thrive as individuals and as a family in ways that none…


Jacob’s Food Diaries Is A Treasure Trove Of Vegetable-Filled Healthy Meal Ideas That Kids Will Love

A mum is providing parents around the world with an endless supply of inspiration for ways to make vegetables more appealing to kids. Laleh Mohmedi, from Australia, crafts edible cartoon characters and animals out of healthy ingredients for her son Jacob and she shares photos of her creations on Instagram. Mohmedi revealed in a blog for Jamie Oliver.com that…


Adults Baffled By Kids’ Camping Logic Puzzle That Requires Some Very Lateral Thinking

A logic problem that was reportedly originally intended to be completed by children is causing many adults to tear their hair out over the level of ‘logic’ needed to solve it. Since the image was discovered by Shareably in January, it has been shared online by frustrated puzzlers, who were unable to answer all nine questions…