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Ethical Pitfalls in Social Media Research, Discovery, and Communications

The New York City and State Bars,30 the Philadelphia Bar31 and the San Diego County Bar32 Associations have provided a number of relevant Discovery of Social Media guidance opinions surrounding issues related to performing research using social media. General Research First, it is perfectly acceptable to search and access social media sites that are freely accessible. The New York Guidance…

Beyond the Buzzwords: Understanding and Applying Technology to your Litigation Workflow

It’s easy to get caught up in all the hype surrounding e-discovery. Terms like big data, EDRM, near duplicate, and email threading can be confusing. So, how are you supposed to weed through all this “vendor verbiage” to understand how the available technology actually applies to your litigation workflow? Start by joining us and LexisNexis…

Supporters, Mentors, and Role Models

“To my mother In Spirit-Life, Whose Form Memory Cannot Trace; to the Women of Pennsylvania, and All Women who desire to be free; and also, All the men, possessed of sufficient noble manhood to bear equality, I dedicate my first effort in Court.” —Carrie S. Burnham Kilgore, Philadelphia, April 4, 1873. “The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not…