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How to Predict and Set Fees

Experience is the best tool for predicting fees. A lawyer’s experience in dealing with different problems can be found in closed files and billings, which offer a treasure trove of information on the steps needed for certain transactions, how long certain procedures might take, and what resources might be needed. To predict the future, as…

Murnane Brandt’s Journey to a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

I’m the IT manager for Murnane Brandt, a nationally recognized law firm founded in 1940 that’s known for its successful complex litigation practice and strong business department. Our headquarters are in St. Paul, Minnesota, and we have branch offices in Bismarck, North Dakota and Hudson, Wisconsin. With more than 80 attorneys and staff, our goal is to…

The Future of Law Firms: Will AI Replace Young Attorneys and Paralegals?

Technology seems to be making its way into every facet of the business world, from accounting to payroll to lead management. Professionals assume the meat of their jobs could never be replaced by technology. A computer could never provide psychiatric counseling, it might seem, since the subtle nuances of human communication can’t be performed by a piece…