Am I Crazy, by Joy Hindle

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Liam has ADHD.

It makes concentrating difficult, and school is even worse because none of his teachers understand his condition. 

Well, one teacher in particular, Mrs. Crumb, doesn’t get it at all.

She doesn’t like Liam, and he doesn’t like her, but it’s Liam’s mother who really detests Mrs. Crumb.

When Liam is tasked with writing his autobiography for school, he learns more about his father, the man who he assumed walked out on his mother when she got pregnant with him. 

At first Liam’s mother tells nice stories of how they met, but then she shuts down and Liam knows not to ask anymore. 

According to Liam, someone with ADHD having a best friend is rare, but he has one. 

Louise is in his class, and lives nearby. 

They become inseparable, until tragedy strikes.

Liam’s world is thrown into chaos when he discovers why Mrs. Crumb hates him, and that his father is not that far away after all…

Told as a memoir of what happened when he was in his Year 7, Liam’s journey is one of hardship, perseverance, misunderstanding and grief.

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