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A Shangri-La Christmas, by Elizabeth Player

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With Christmas just around the corner Beth is looking forward to getting out of London and joining the family for a holiday in Scotland. Unfortunately, a phone call scuppers all those plans. Beth’s mum is in hospital, after a nasty fall. Dropping everything Beth takes the night train to Penzance.

Beth’s mum is a leading light at the local church and from her hospital bed she persuades Beth to stand in for her on a few festive activities. Beth reluctantly agrees and is a bit miffed to discover those few activities amount to a full-on Christmas itinerary. Singing in the choir, helping at the school for Christingle, whatever that is, baking and a whole host of other stuff. Feeling under pressure she remains a tad disgruntled until she meets Stuart, the Vicar at St Prian’s. Tall and good looking is only the start, she’s never met anyone quite like him. He’s fairly new to the parish and, according to her mum, caused quite a stir amongst the females of the congregation. She can see why. Although there’s a spark between them Beth doesn’t want to get into anything too soon after her recent break-up. But will she be able to help herself?

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