Soldier Reportedly Denied Leave For Baby Shower ‘Because He’s A Man’, So He Makes It More Masculine

A soldier who was reportedly denied a leave request for his partner’s baby shower because he’s a man hit back with a typically masculine response. Reddit user Backpacks_Got_Jets posted an image of the two leave requests forms online. On his first request to attend the baby shower, the form shows a note in red pen reading: “Men…


Toddler Dies From Suspected Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Hours After Telling Mum: ‘I Love You’

A mum whose three-year-old died from suspected sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) has revealed his last words were: “Goodnight – I love you”.  Bryan-Andrew died in his sleep after being put to bed by his grandmother on Thursday 11 August 2016.   He had been staying at his gran’s for the night with one-year-old brother…