John Lewis Explains Why Santa Didn’t Bring Trampoline In Christmas Advert, After Claims It ‘Ruined Christmas’

John Lewis has offered parents and children an explanation about why it wasn’t Santa who brought a girl her new trampoline in their 2016 Christmas advert. The advert, which people are calling #BusterTheDog, shows a dad building a trampoline ready for his daughter Bridget to see in the morning. However some parents have claimed it has “ruined…


14 Kids Who Have Absolutely No Chill

Children are mostly reasonable human beings, but there are some occasions when they completely lose their cool.  For example, when you dare to peel their banana without permission or they’re desperately in need of a nap.  These 14 hilarious children caught mid-tantrum prove that kids have absolutely zero chill. 1. When you can’t achieve the impossible. …


Can You Really Wear Victoria’s Secret Underwear As Outerwear?

Victoria’s Secret tried to sell underwear as outerwear with its new ‘(Un)Dress Code’ collection, but people weren’t having any of it. Following a Facebook backlash to the adverts (which resulted in them being pulled), BuzzFeed staff writer Nina Mohan decided to give it the range a try, wearing three outfits to work for the day. Mohan wore…