Great Grandmother Becomes Kids’ Author Aged 85, Publishing Stories She Told Her Children

A great grandmother with Alzheimer’s disease has become a published author of two children’s books at the age of 85. Joan Porter, from Bearsden near Glasgow, is the author of ‘Little Terry Tiddlemouse And His Countryside Friends’ and ‘Little Terry Tiddlemouse – Time For Tea And Dressing Up’. Porter first put the stories on paper more than…


Rebranding The PTA: Why Members Of Parent Teacher Associations Are More Than Just ‘Busybody’ Mums

There’s a common misconception that members of parent teacher associations (PTAs) at primary schools fit a certain stereotype.  They’re “busybodies”, they have “too much time” on their hands or they’re part of a “clique” demanding cash from parents. However, the reality is these mums and dads work selflessly to improve not only their child’s time at…